French tech and artists at the heart of 3D printing

Nice report by Omar-Pierre Soubra, and a funny personal story at the end…

3D Printshow 2014 NYC Dann Chetrit & Omar-Pierre Soubra

By now, most of you have heard of 3D printing… it became a buzz word in business in the last 2 years, and investors are only talking about this.

One of the thing that is less known probably is all the French Tech and the French artists who are animating this industry.

I was lucky enough to go to the 3D Print Show in New York last week, and met with some amazing French entrepreneurs, sculptors and digital artists. It was like there were two official languages at the show, like at the UN: English and French!

First, let’s meet the rising star of the French Tech and entrepreneur, Bertier Luyt. Bertier founded Le FabShop in early 2013 and has been since then, the highlight of the 3D printing in France. He was present at the show with his lead designer, Samuel Bernier, and were presenting the RE project, first objects printed with Seaweed plastic filament, a world premier Le FabShop introduced at the end of 2013.

RE Project, by Samuel Bernier of Le FabShop
Bertier Luyt with the Brook Drumm of Printrbot discussing his newly introduced 3D printer
And here with the BigRep, the largest plastic filament 3D printer that can print furnitures in one go! (note that this company was created only 6 weeks before the show…)

Philippe Yvergniaux, President of the Invest in France agency in America came and visited the show with Bertier Luyt, touring the different exhibits for about two hours.

In addition, we had the great pleasure to have the General Consul of France in New York, Bertrand Lortholary visit the show and getting scanned in 3D!

Consul General Bertran Lortholary being 3d scanned

Amongst the other interesting French companies present at the show, we can mention Digiteyezer with its CEO, Frédéric Courteille, who was presenting the BobbleShop, an easy and automatic way to scan your face and create a customizable 3D printed bobble head, shipped directly to your home!

Alban Denoël, CEO of SketchFab was also exhibiting his solutions, that are displaying rendered 3D models on any screen and platform.

French company Sculpteo, an online 3D printing service (you send your 3D files, you pay, and they send you the 3D printed version in the material of your choice: plastic, metal, ceramic, etc…), well represented in Europe and establishing services in the US also had a booth in the professional exhibit.

Now to the artists:

The first piece of art you would see while entering the art exhibit part of the show was Gilles Azzaro‘s creation, the Voice of Obama. An amazing 3D printed piece that was replicating President Obama’s speech for the State of Union in 2013, talking about the importance of 3D printing. Gilles, a « voice sculptor », was fascinated with the speech and created this Oeuvre d’Art with the help of the FabLab in Toulouse. (FYI, Gilles created 3 pieces, and not a single more, and they are for sell for $75,000 each… if you are interested)

Gilles Azzaro and our President, Omar-Pierre Soubra, in front of the Voice of Obama

Then was Pierre-Yves Jacques (with LinLin), who exhibited fascinating animal sculptures, with highly detailed mathematical « dentelle » on them. These pieces would fit amazingly well on top of a fire place in a Colorado mountain lodge! Check their web site to order one. In addition to the animals wall heads, Pierre-Yves presented a clown giraffe and a beautiful bird that would fit nicely in a new born baby room.

Pierre-Yves Jacques in front of his co-creations with LinLin (photo credit 3D Print Show)

Dann Chetrit presented some technologically impressive pieces, printed by Stratasys (the owner of MakerBot) and an interesting piece called « My Social Network »,  where he digitally sculpted his friends and family (no 3D scan involved) and 3D printed each head to place on a glass wall. Funny personal story: Dann’s voice sounded SO familiar that I asked him what he was doing before. He said he was a press journalist. I ask if he was on radio or TV and he mentioned that he was on a very local French tv channel… bingo! when I was a kiddo, Dann was replacing the « anchor » host of the news from times to times on this channel that my parents watched back in 1985! Amazing how a voice can stick to your head, for almost 30 years!

Dann Chetrit speaking during the inauguration evening (photo credit 3D Print Show)

There were so many things to see in the 3-day long show, and so many interesting people to meet and speaking French was definitely an advantage to go fast!

(See the original report on the French-American Chamber of Commerce blog here)


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